Stereotactic Table Drapes

We stock and distribute a variety of stereotactic table, autoguide, and stage covers and carry products for both Fischer and LORAD prone biopsy tables.

FT301 – AccuFit Fischer/Siemens Table Cover, nonsterile, 25/case
FA201A – AccuFit Fischer/Siemens Autoguide Drape, nonsterile, 25/case
LS601 – AccuFit Lorad Table Cover, nonsterile, 20/case
LS701 – AccuFit Lorad Two-Piece Stage Drape, nonsterile, 20/case
LS702 – AccuFit Lorad One-Piece Stage Drape, nonsterile, 20/case

Ekcomed also stocks a needle guide drape for the LORAD table. It meets the needs of facilities concerned about protecting equipment from fluids but prefer to use hospital linens for the table top.

AU-0075 – Ekcomed LORAD needle guide cover, nonsterile, 50/case